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Terms & Conditions

Bottlemate ships products and provides services in accordance with the specifics of your purchase order. If, after delivery and inspection, you determine the product or services do not conform to your specifications and are, therefore, unacceptable, please notify us immediately. Bottlemate will either replace the rejected Products, or issue a credit therefore, at Bottlemate option, as the exclusive remedy.

WARNING: Customers must determine fitness of products of use. Exposure of products to other material, chemicals, sterilization or temperature extremes may cause changes in material from which the Products are manufactured, which may make the products unsuitable for use. Bottlemate disclaims any responsibility


  • Bottlemate assumes no responsibility for product compatibility.
  • Customers are advised to perform compatibility and fill testing before placing an order.
  • Bottlemate’s maximum liability shall not in any case exceed the invoice price for the goods claimed to be defective or unsuitable.
  • General lead-time is 6-12 weeks for non-stock items.
  • Please allow extra 6-8 weeks for printing confirmation if printing is required
  • Cartons will be stacked on 42x42 wood pallets of common carrier shipping.
  • Pallet cost is $6.00/each.
  • Customers assume all liability and responsibility for selection and use of and/or by any third party that purchases or receives the products (or products incorporating the Products) from you or your transferees, and Bottlemate is not and shall not be liable or responsible in any way for any such selection or use.

    Risk of Loss; Right to inspect; notice of rejection.

    It’s agreed that the term ”F.O.B” is a price term only. All risk of loss or damage in transit shall pass to the purchaser upon the goods being placed into the possession of a carrier for shipment; provided, however, that the purchaser shall have the right to inspect the good upon tender by the Company or the carrier. The failure of the purchaser to inspect any particular shipment within 10 days after tender to the purchaser shall constitute a waiver of the purchaser’s right to inspect that shipment and shall constitute an acceptance of such goods.


All Claims for shortages, defects or other non conformities in goods delivered shall be made in writing by the purchaser to Company within 10 days after tender to the purchaser. Failure to notify the Company in writing of any claim within 10 days after tender to the purchaser shall constitute an irrevocable acceptance of the goods and an admission by purchaser the goods comply fully with all terms, conditions and specifications of the corresponding order.

Payment Terms 

  1. First-time customers are required to pay 50% deposit upon purchasing. Full balance payment due seven (7) days prior to shipping.
  2. Domestic customer may apply for credit terms after first-time order is completed. Please allow 4 weeks for processing.
  3. Foreign customer (include Canada and Mexico) can’t apply for terms; foreign customer (include Canada and Mexico) is required to prepay for the entire order.

Bottlemate reserves the right to withdraw and/or admen the terms and conditions of sale at any time without advanced notice.

Return Goods Policy

  1. Returned merchandise requires prior written authorization and a Bottlemate RGA number.
  2. Claims for shortage or damaged goods must be made within __10__ days of receipt
  3. All merchandise must be in the original packaging and seal cartons
  4. All returned goods must include a packing list and must be shipped freight prepaid
  5. Credit will be issued as follows
    1. Merchandise less than 30 days old will be issued 100% credit, less 20% restocking charge.
    2. Merchandise more than 30 days and custom orders are not returnable for credit.
    3. No cash refunds will be given.